Isnin, 20 Julai 2009

Tag Lagi.

Ambil tag ni dari Liana (TQ sebab tag kat semua readers)! Nampak cam best, so apelagi, try terus..jom tengok...

Sebelum tu, sila ikut rules yang telah ditetapkan.

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own post, erase my answers, enter yours and tag people you want. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Y*****A

2. A four letter word : Your

3. A boy's name : Yusof

4. A girl's name : Yusliza

5. An occupation : Yacht instuctor (blh kan ni?)

6. A color : Yellow

7. Something you'll wear: Yellow long dress

8. A food : Yogurt

9. Something found in the bathroom: Yerkkk...seluar kecik sape ni?

10. A place : Yamen

11. A reason for being late : Ya ampun, minyak habis tengah jalan.

12. Something you'd shout : Yihaa!

13. A movie title : You Don't Mess With the Zohan

14. Something you drink : Yeo's Soya Bean

15. A musical group : Yuna and Band (blh tak?)

16. An animal : Yu

17. A street name : Yap Kwan Seng (kat KL)

18. A type of car : Y283 (internal model for Volvo)

19. Title of a song : You and I

Finished for spider.Susah gak nak fikir start dari Y ni..huhu.. and now for orang yang penuh kasih sayang lak...Hopefully die gembira membacanya. Buat discussion on phone tau ni...tak tipu punyer..

1. What is your name : I***M H****E

2. A four letter word : Ilmu

3. A boy's name : Izad

4. A girl's name : Iza

5. An occupation : Internal auditor

6. A color : Indigo

7. Something you'll wear: Ideal shirt

8. A food : Ikan

9. Something found in the bathroom: Injap pam

10. A place : Ireland

11. A reason for being late : In traffic jam

12. Something you'd shout : Ish!

13. A movie title : Ice Age

14. Something you drink : Ice Tea

15. A musical group : Impression (zaman Eizlan Yusof dulu)

16. An animal : Itik

17. A street name : Ipoh (Jln Ipoh)

18. A type of car : Innova

19. Title of a song : I'll be there

Sekian untuk tag kali ini. TQ atas kesudian yang membaca. Tag kat semua juga...Layanlah yer.

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